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Real Estate CRM Training

Real Estate CRM Coaching & Training

for Teams

If you are currently running a real estate team, every single Agent on your team (including you!) should be using a CRM. Your Agents may have a CRM, but are they actually using it?

CRM Expert & Coach, Caroline Wilkins, can not only give you the exact playbook on how to train your team on CRM, but get them to use it and be excited about it every day.

When your Agents are using CRM consistently every day that means they are staying in touch with their most important relationships. Staying on consistent touch with people is the key to running a successful repeat and referral business.

Do you have Agents set in their way of doing things? Or don't see the value of using CRM? Caroline has seen it all and can give you the tools to increase team engagement on CRM.


  • 1-hour discovery call with Team Principal(s)
  • Customized Training Plan 
  • 4, 1-hour Training Sessions with Caroline (these can also be split up into 30-minute sessions as well)

Conversation Topics with Team Principal include (but not limited to):

  • Building a Team Culture around CRM
  • Making CRM a part of your Team Meetings
  • How to set an example as a Team Leader
  • Ways to engage Agents
  • Examples of Team standards around CRM

Conversation Topics with Agents (include but not limited to):

  • CRM Basics 101 (organizing, daily habits, etc.)
  • Past Client Best Practices- the most IMPORTANT group in your database
  • The power of the Home Anniversary
  • How to convert more of your SOI into actual business
  • Managing Referral Sources
  • CRM Timeblock - what it is and how to do it
  • Caroline's favorite email templates

Meet Caroline. Your CRM Advisor and Coach.

Caroline has spent the last decade helping professionals leverage technology to save time and grow their business. She has spent the last 7 years working directly with top producing Agents across the country during her time at BoomTown, Contactually, and Compass. She is passionate about helping Agents manage and organize their relationships in a simple and authentic way and unlocking the potential in their existing relationships.

Caroline lives in Washington, DC with her husband and 2 year old son, Harry.

Caroline Wilkins | CRM Expert & Advisor

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CRM Coaching & Training for Teams $3,500