Processes & Checklists Masterclass

Hosted by Steve Shull & Dana Green

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"We all know that implementing the right systems and processes is the most effective way to translate hard work into success, especially in this business. And, Dana is one of the most effective business people I know when it comes to creating these systems, and I am thrilled that she is partnering with Steve Shull to make them available for all Compass agents.” - Robert Reffkin | Founder and CEO, Compass

Are you looking to build a more sustainable and scalable business? Do you want to stop the daily fire drill by creating a step-by-step action plan? If so, this program is right for you!

Performance Coach Steve Shull and Top Realtor Dana Green have teamed up to launch a comprehensive 8-week coaching program. This program is designed to give you a sturdy framework to build or enhance your business using effective processes and checklists.

This course will include all of Dana Green’s forms and checklists used in her own business daily. After 18 years of trial, error, and success, she has perfected her formula in building effective systems and structures. Her knowledge and insight can save you a tremendous amount of time as you work to bring more consistency to your business.

This course will cover:

  • Session 1: Goal Setting | Core Values | Core Principles
  • Session 2: Brand Identity & Marketing
  • Session 3: Lead Generation & Lead Conversion
  • Session 4: Hiring | Training | Human Resources | Processes
  • Session 5: Buyers
  • Session 6: Listing Presentation & Sellers
  • Session 7: Commission
  • Session 8: Wrap Up
What you'll get as a part of the Processes & Checklists Masterclass:
  • Video Course (8 total videos)
  • All of Dana Green’s forms and checklists that she uses with her own team! That’s right, you’ll get access to all the documents that she utilizes on a day-to-day basis.
  • Downloadable versions of all of Dana's documents- Employee Handbook, Performance Review Outline, Job Descriptions, and much more!

Meet Your Instructors

Steve Shull

My name is Steve Shull. My company is Performance Coaching. 

Since 1993 I have been coaching real estate agents full time.
I believe I have coached more agents one-on-one than any other person on this planet.
I am not a speaker. I am not a trainer. I am not a real estate agent.


Coaching is my PASSION. This is who I am. This is what I do each and every day. My job is to help people give their best... to be their best, both personally and professionally.

My goal in working with a client is very simple…

To help YOU build a business that is more predictable, a business you can grow, scale and sustain, and ultimately a business you can sell.

Dana Green

Dana Green has been Lafayette’s #1 Realtor since 2008 and #1 in Lamorinda since 2010. Her passion and innovative approach to the industry lead her to become a trendsetter in Bay Area residential real estate. As one of the first in the business to employ a ‘specialty team’ concept, Dana built a team where each member plays a critical and expert role in the transaction process – ensuring that quality of work is shown through every element touched. 

Dana is a market maker, natural “connecter” and master of her craft. A few of her accolades include a #7 ranking for Mid-Size Teams on REAL Trends list of the Top 1,000 U.S. Agents in 2021, she was deemed the MVP of Bay Area Real Estate by REAL Trends and LuxeSF in 2019 and has been rated #4 Realtor on ‘The Leading 100 – Top Performers in Bay Area Real Estate for 2019.

"Worth every penny.  You deserve a great deal of thanks for the week of Dana Green.  What an incredibly generous woman to share all of her best practices and processes.  Every day I am left more in awe of what she has created.  No wonder she is the premier agent in her local and surrounding communities."

"Truly this is the instruction I wish I had years ago. Thank you for bringing us this amazing insight."
"I love her. What a week. Who knew you could have a business like this. I am so inspired. She is so smart. So clear. So wonderful. So generous. Thank you for having her."
"Dana is the most competent person I’ve ever heard in our industry- well, perhaps any industry!"
"Dana is such a smart and generous businessperson and woman with such a lovely and calming demeanor. I'm getting so much inspiration from listening to her."
"Thank you for a great week, Steve! Dana took the daunting idea of growing a team and turned it into a logical, step driven and task oriented process. I plan to spend the next week reviewing these sessions and joining her on the 8-week journey. What a priceless treat this week has been!!"
"Steve honestly I think this was your most beneficial class to date with such a warm, friendly, fiercely knowledgeable and passionate realtor who has dedicated every inch of her being to her business with pride, professionalism and compassion.  I started with a checklist a long time ago when I was an assistant, then an agent....I thought I could do it on my own...and then got out of the habit of sticking with it...which was a BIG mistake.  NOW  I  am going to re-dedicate myself to the process and to following it.  Love the peanut butter sandwich analogy."
"Dana, you are a terrific mentor and person to work with...If I lived in the East Bay I would be putting in my resume to work with you your process, your hard work and the way you work, with trust, and organization.”
"Hi Dana! Just want to extend a very heartfelt thank-you for your time this week sharing all your wisdom and expertise in this crazy yet amazing industry we work in I have been an agent now for 2 years, and it’s been a struggle personally finding a mentor, just these sessions with you this week has been more helpful than almost anything I have done so far. I signed up for the next set of training with you and really look forward to hearing more and diving deeper into everything you do to run a successful business."

If you're ready to add proven processes & checklists to your business...

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