The Team Building Masterclass

Hosted by Steve Shull & Dana Green

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"I am thrilled that Dana Green is partnering with Steve Shull to make this program available for all Compass agents. This is a can't  miss program for anyone who leads a team or anyone thinking of starting a team." - Robert Reffkin | Founder and CEO, Compass

You don't build a great team by accident. You build a great team by understanding what a team is, what are all the moving parts, how to assemble those parts, and how do you get all the parts moving in the same direction consistently.

Whether you want to build a small team... a medium team... or something much larger...

Steve & Dana are going to give you the exact blueprint for team success including strategy, structure, and systems.

This course will cover:

  • What is a Team?
  • Why a Team?
  • Where do you start?
  • How do you structure a Team?
  • Vision | Values | Guiding Principles | Culture
  • People | Staffing | Training | Performance | Compensation Human Resources
  • Systems | Process | Checklists | Work Flows | Technology
  • Branding | Marketing | Social Media
  • Budgeting | Cash Flow | Performance Metrics
  • Growth | Succession Planning | Exit Strategy
  • Leadership
Dana and Steve are going to walk you through every single aspect of the Team Building Process from start to finish.
What you'll get as a part of the Team Building Masterclass:
    • Video Course (26 total videos)
    • Access to a bi-weekly live Q & A with Steve & Dana

Meet Your Instructors

Steve Shull

My name is Steve Shull. My company is Performance Coaching. 

Since 1993 I have been coaching real estate agents full time.
I believe I have coached more agents one-on-one than any other person on this planet.
I am not a speaker. I am not a trainer. I am not a real estate agent.


Coaching is my PASSION. This is who I am. This is what I do each and every day. My job is to help people give their best... to be their best, both personally and professionally.

My goal in working with a client is very simple…

To help YOU build a business that is more predictable, a business you can grow, scale and sustain, and ultimately a business you can sell.

Dana Green

Dana Green has been Lafayette’s #1 Realtor since 2008 and #1 in Lamorinda since 2010. Her passion and innovative approach to the industry lead her to become a trendsetter in Bay Area residential real estate. As one of the first in the business to employ a ‘specialty team’ concept, Dana built a team where each member plays a critical and expert role in the transaction process – ensuring that quality of work is shown through every element touched. 

Dana is a market maker, natural “connecter” and master of her craft. A few of her accolades include a #7 ranking for Mid-Size Teams on REAL Trends list of the Top 1,000 U.S. Agents in 2021, she was deemed the MVP of Bay Area Real Estate by REAL Trends and LuxeSF in 2019 and has been rated #4 Realtor on ‘The Leading 100 – Top Performers in Bay Area Real Estate for 2019.

"Steve and Dana's Team Building Mastermind class is a backstage pass into the world of how great and highly effective teams are built and sustained. They take the mystery out of building a team and give you a blueprint for how to expand your business to any level you wish. Thank you, Steve and Dana, for this experience!"

Mary H. | San Fernando Valley, California

"After taking multiple Team Building classes, seminars and coaching, I still was not satisfied with the direction I needed to successfully build and support a team the proper way. Anyone can just throw a team together, but to do it correctly with the ethics and standards necessary to make a team successful, there was more needed. Dana Green and Steve Shull have finally given me the tools, outline, and most important of all, the right attitude to build a successful team. I am so glad I came across Steve through my managing broker who used Steve’s coaching years ago."

Tim Saeland | Portland, Oregon

"Steve & Dana’s Team Building Master class has changed my mindset, my business, and my life. Their approach is honest, genuine, and full of integrity. A must for anyone looking to get to the next level."

Meg Ostrow | Beverly Hills, Califronia

If building a team is in your future...

Buy Now $3500